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SIS is always searching for experienced talent. To apply, simply create a user account and submit your resume on the Opportunities page. 

SIS embraces a business philosophy that distinguishes us among our peers. We inspire excellence in our employees, impart tenacious devotion to our clients and partners, and bring vision and innovation to each of our solutions. Once you join the SIS team, you will experience first-hand that SIS seeks to maximize your potential each and every day.

At SIS, you will enjoy building an exhilarating, meaningful career while supporting our country and impacting the futures of countless industries. As a certified small business with a dedicated and employee-focused management team, SIS is committed to the professional growth of each of our employees. In addition to opening new doors, our employees enjoy tremendous career-growth potential and access to many exciting opportunities around the world. SIS’ resolve and hunger for opportunity paired with your skills and motivation will mark a cornerstone in your career for years to come.

SIS brings together and cares for a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. We take pride in supporting each of our employees, both personally and professionally. While enjoying the challenges and rewards of supporting our nation’s goals, you will also provide your family the security they deserve through our comprehensive benefits package. By choosing employment with SIS, you will make meaningful contributions to yourself, to SIS, and to the world’s leading industries.